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Luke Norman and Nik Adam

Luke Norman and Nik Adam are a talented artist duo, with Luke based in Copenhagen and Nik in London. They first crossed paths during their studies in 2007 and have been collaborating ever since, producing captivating and dynamic photography and moving image work.

The essence of Luke & Nik's artistic practice lies in authenticity. Their primarily photographic work is characterized by its vibrancy, playfulness, and experimental nature. They employ various techniques, such as splicing and reassembling negatives, incorporating acrylic paint strokes and artful collages, double exposure, collage, and handwritten elements.

While their portfolio showcases a diverse range of subjects including portraiture, fashion, and still life, each image maintains a distinct sense of character and often exudes a joyful and whimsical atmosphere.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Luke & Nik's practice, as they seamlessly work together across all aspects, be it editorial, commercial, or personal projects. Their artistic endeavors continually feed into and inspire one another, resulting in a dynamic and cohesive body of work.

Luke & Nik have garnered recognition from prestigious clients such as the British Fashion Council, Net-A-Porter, Puma, and Stella McCartney. Their photographs have been featured in renowned publications including British Vogue, The Fader, GQ Style, New York Magazine, Wallpaper*, and Zeit Magazine.

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