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Kaushal Shah

Based in Mumbai

Kaushal Shah is among the most talented cinematographers based in Mumbai. With a strong inclination towards narrative cinematography, his remarkable work includes the feature film "Gehraiyaan," acclaimed for its intricate visual design and stunning cinematography. He also contributed to "An Action Hero," offering a mesmerising screen experience, and the captivating and thrilling "Mumbai Diaries 26/11." Additionally, his involvement in "Cargo" has brought forth a distinctive indie sci-fi spirit. His portfolio encompasses numerous other well-acclaimed films and shows, showcasing his exceptional skill and artistry.

Kaushal has truly excelled in his craft, particularly in the realm of creating advertisements and commercials. His portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed brands such as Lakme India, ICICI Bank, National Geographic, Tanishq, HP, Pantaloon, and Dove among others. His cinematic approach and skillful use of layered visual storytelling are evident in his work across various projects.

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