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Justin Fly

Based in Berlin

Justin, a CREATIVE DIRECTOR based in Berlin, possesses a diverse background in art direction and design, cultivated through experiences across various locations. Presently situated at ANOMALY BERLIN, he previously held a position at R/GA NY. Notably, he co-founded an apparel brand called ADSUM in Brooklyn. Amidst these endeavors, he engaged in freelance work for prominent agencies and small studios throughout NYC.

Justin's creative ventures encompass a wide spectrum. He created an ode to travel alongside Patti Smith and RIMOWA, delved into substantial youth-centric subjects in an extensive series with CONVERSE, explored the perspectives of sustainable farmers in Provence with L’OCCITANE, and immortalized Kobe Bryant through collaboration with NIKE.

Justin Fly is drawn to creative that is defiantly nuanced, culturally intelligent, even borderline esoteric, and respect brands that honestly participate in and support subcultural movements.

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