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Ivar Wigan

Based in London

Having gained valuable experience through apprenticeships with photographers in London's fashion and advertising industry, Ivar embarked on a journey of creating his own documentary art projects. His initial series, titled "The Gods," captured the essence of decaying cities in the American Deep South and has been showcased in prominent exhibitions across London, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

Subsequently, Ivar relocated to Kingston, Jamaica, where he immersed himself in the Dancehall music community, resulting in his second series, "Young Love." This body of work, compiled over two years, was exhibited at a solo show in 2017 at Somerset House in London.

Ivar's talent extends beyond photography, as evidenced by his participation in the exhibition "Coming Of Age," curated by Virgil Abloh, where his portraits of Brooklyn-based artist Deadboy were featured. Additionally, in 2022, he wrote and directed his debut film, "Kassandra," which has garnered seven awards and continues to be screened at international film festivals throughout 2023.

In the realm of commercial projects, Ivar has lent his creative vision to esteemed brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Supreme.

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