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Honey Trap

Based in Denmark

Owned by executive producer Malene Dyhring and directors Simon Bonde and Ian Isak, Honeytrap Film is a production company that emerged in 2016. Their expertise lies in creating a wide range of commercials, spanning from brief three-second bumpers to traditional TVCs and engaging branded content in longer formats.

With a fusion of creativity and extensive production experience, Honeytrap Film constantly strives to discover fresh approaches to evoke emotions through the power of sound and moving images. They firmly believe that effective communication through film is all about seduction.

Understanding that establishing a connection is vital to capturing an audience's attention, Honeytrap Film aims to elicit laughter, tears, screams, or deep contemplation about life's intricacies. They recognize that in order to engage viewers, it's essential to entice them with captivating storytelling and visuals that resonate. In essence, Honeytrap Film knows the key to capturing attention lies in offering an enticing experience that leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

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