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Corcoise Films

Based in Mumbai

Corcoise Films was born in 2002 and quickly rose to become one of India’s most sought-after production houses by consistently delivering path-breaking commercials that have redefined the Indian advertising landscape.

Corcoise strives hard to create a truly inspiring home for talent. The band of passionate directors and absolutely top-notch producers is both driven and demented – and that is a lethal concoction.

With an experience of over 20 years, Corcoise has worked extensively with Ogilvy under the reign of Piyush Pandey and created some of the most iconic Indian ads till date for brands like Fevicol, Center Fresh and Asian Paints.

Some notable ads for these brands are Fevicol 'Bus', 'Moochwali', 'Sofa', Center Shock 'Barber', Asian Paints 'Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai', The Hindu 'Classroom' and Borosil 'Samosa' to name just a few.

Directors: Prasoon Pandey, Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy & Neha Kaul

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