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Alex Hammond

Based in UK

Alex Hammond, the Creative Director for real-time projects, is passionate about design and complex 3D visuals. He works at the Epic Games Innovation Lab in London.

Before joining Epic Games, Alex Hammond served as the Head of 3D at The Mill, where they led a team of passionate artists. During that period, Alex Hammond had the privilege of winning four Visual Effects Society (VES) awards.

Currently, Alex Hammond's focus lies on utilizing UEFN (Unreal Editor For Fortnite) and UE5 to develop interactive and engaging real-time content. They collaborate closely with brands and creators to construct immersive gaming experiences.

Alex Hammond derives enjoyment from tackling challenging project briefs and harnessing technology to achieve optimal results. He takes pride in creatively showcasing content in unique ways, from concept to completion.

Alex Hammond's interests lie in abstract concepts with a strong design aesthetic and photorealistic digital humans.

They possess highly developed skills in digital content creation using tools such as Unreal Engine, Maya, Blender, XSI, Zbrush, Substance, Arnold, and Nuke. Additionally, Alex Hammond finds pleasure in using Procreate to sketch and paint digital images.

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