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Alaska Filmes

Based in Brazil

Alaska, a Brazilian duo consisting of Gustavo Moraes and Marco Lafer, have been involved in directing, writing, and producing short films, music videos, and branded content since 2011.

Their unique combination of comedy, visual effects (VFX), and cinematic aesthetics quickly gained recognition within the commercial industry, and their narrative-driven music videos consistently achieved success in Brazilian award competitions.

In 2016, Alaska Filmes secured a contract with ICONOCLAST, a significant milestone that led them to direct commercials for renowned brands such as Pepsi, OldSpice, Samsung, McDonald's, Mitsubishi, Ambev, Intel, and others.

Their notable contributions include ads like Victoria's 'Nuestra Tierra,' EasyJet's 'Hide and Seek,' Pepsi's 'Break the routine' & 'Into the Void,' along with the recent action-packed campaign for Doritos' 'Dina & Mita.'

Their exceptional talent didn't go unnoticed in Brazil, as in 2016 Alas-ka was voted as the number one young director in the Brazilian market. Additionally, their short film "Battle of the Geeks" for Marvel and CCXP garnered attention from Hollywood, further solidifying their position as one of the most promising directorial talents worldwide.

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