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Abhinav Pratiman

Based in Mumbai

Abhinav's transition from a copywriter to an ad filmmaker in 2014 reflects a journey fueled by a genuine passion for films and an unwavering commitment to craft, performance, and storytelling.

Director at Early Man Film, he has made a mark with humorous commercials.

His dedication to excellence is evident in the multitude of awards his work has earned at renowned events such as Kyoorius Awards, Goafest, Adfest, and Spikes Asia.

Renowned for his impeccable comic timing, Abhinav's films have not only secured prestigious accolades like D&AD pencils, Cannes Lions, and metals at Adfest and LIA but have also achieved a Grand Prix in film craft at Spikes Asia for his work on Krafton’s ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’

Some of his notable works include, Machine Gun Mouth ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’, Jaquar 'Bath & Lighting', Spotify Campaigns, Colgate 'The Sweet-tooth', Superhero's -Disney Hotstar, Swiggy and more,

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