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82.5 Communications

82.5 Communications (A part of WPP & Ogilvy Group) is an award-winning ad agency that delivers ingenious ideas for brand commercials, ensuring significant growth in their client's brand awareness.

82.5 Communications was launched on Republic Day, January 26, 2019. It is an ad agency that believes it is time for brilliant Indian ideas to take centre stage, which is why it has taken its name from the longitude of Indian Standard Time, 82.5 degrees east.

India inspires ingenious ideas, big and small: From creating air conditioning with frozen bottles of water slung from fans to sending a rocket to Mars at one-tenth the cost of NASA; and the people of 82.5 Communications believe that Indian companies—or international companies wishing to succeed in the Indian market—need ideas like this to win. 82.5 is the destination for such ingenious ideas.

Some of their works include Fabricare 'Beauty that Needs No Protection', Lava Mobile's 'Blaze Pro' campaign and PhonePe's regional campaign among others.

Among other brands, they have also worked with the likes of Havells, Himalaya, Ghadi Detergent and Monginis.

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