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10 Films

Based in Mumbai, Los Angeles

10Films has been crafting some spectacular films, stories and memories since 15 years. The journey continues as they aim to bring in amazing films and great production experience.

In their expansive career, 10 Films have won multiple awards at Cannes, One Show, Kyoorius and the like.

Not only have they worked with some of India's biggest brands but also with international brands like Pepsico, Jeep, Samsung, JBL and many more.

Notable brand campaigns include Bajaj V 'The Invincible', Gillette 'Shave Sutra', Apollo Hospitals 'Pioneers of Healthcare', Celio 'Do it Your Way' and Vivo 'In Your City' to name a few.

Indian Directors: Raylin Valles, Nikhil Rajani, Rishabh Dubey, Anirusha Bairagi, Vikrant Yadav & Shwetabh Verma

International Directors: Brendon Heath, Matthais Zentener, Richard D'Allessio, Rob Kaplan & Bruce St. Claire

Executive Producer: Shouvik Basu

Producers: Apratim Bhatnagar & Ash Chawda

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