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Yerlan Tanay

Based in Kazakhstan & Los Angeles

Yerlan is a colourist at The Mill, an award-winning post production company. Coming all the way from Kazakhstan, Yerlan arrives with an impressive portfolio of exceptional projects in both long and short forms, showcasing his distinctive and fresh grading style.

Among his recent works, Yerlan made significant contributions to beautiful films such as "Waltz," directed by Lado Kvataniya, and "Run," directed by Aisultan Seit and shot by Azamat Dulatov.

Additionally, his standout projects include the visually captivating "Cuban Mode" for Havana Clubs with Sidlee and Yard, the mesmerising "Unicorn" for Noa Kirels, directed by Indy Hait, the elegant Chivas Regal spot with DP Nikita Khatsarevich, and the creative collaboration "Luna 4" for Foreo X Komakinos, featuring cinematographer Lazar Bogdanovic. Yerlan's arrival brings a breath of fresh air and a wealth of remarkable talent to the industry.

Among Yerlan's clients are Nissan, Puma, BMW, YSL, Sprite and ASAP Rocky.

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