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Wave Studios London

Established in 1999 in London, Wave Studios has undergone significant growth, expanding from its modest origins and two suites to become a leading global provider of audio post-production, sound design, and mixing services. The company's expertise spans diverse mediums such as television, radio, cinema campaigns, feature films, music videos, immersive VR experiences, and even sonic devices.

Wave Studios approaches each project with unwavering dedication, displaying a remarkable passion for the art of audio creation, manipulation, and innovation. This commitment to excellence has positioned them as the most decorated audio facility worldwide, boasting numerous accolades and establishing their unrivaled reputation in the industry.

With well-established studios in London, Amsterdam, and New York, as well as a collaborative partnership with sixtyfour music, Wave Studios offers clients a seamless and integrated global experience. Their team of talented designers remains at the forefront of sonic exploration, consistently pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms in the pursuit of groundbreaking audio experiences.

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