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Wanda Production

Wanda is a Paris-based production company that has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Originally, the company primarily concentrated on international advertising film production. However, as time progressed, Wanda underwent a significant transformation, shifting its focus towards a transmedia content production model.

Today, Wanda engages in the creation of diverse forms of media. The company undertakes the production of TV commercials, music videos, photography projects, animated films, and TV series tailored for both television channels and streaming platforms.

Patrick Barbier founded Wanda in 1991, laying the foundation for its success. Since then, the company has expanded and diversified, operating through several divisions, each specializing in a particular area. These divisions include Advertising, known as Wanda, Music, represented by Mynd, TV Series production under Wanda Originals, Photography handled by Wonder, and Animation divisions consisting of Jungler and Jungler Lab. With its multifaceted approach, Wanda continues to innovate and deliver compelling content to audiences worldwide.

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