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Vikram Kalra

Vikram is the Co-founder and Executive Producer at Good Morning Films. With over two decades of expertise, he is a seasoned specialist in film and content creation, having produced acclaimed television/digital commercials, documentaries, and branded content.

Over the last 20 years, the production company has earned nearly 200 esteemed awards. Notably, their advertisement for Times of India marked a milestone as the first Indian film to secure two Gold Lions at Cannes.

Furthermore, they have collaborated with top-tier advertising agencies and renowned brands such as Ogilvy, Dentsu, Google, The Coca Cola Company, Honda and Vodafone among others.

Besides advertising, Vikram also develops ideas with writers, creators and directors for long form content, both fiction and non-fiction.

Some of his notable work includes Parachute Advansed 'Mere Baal Meri Jaan', Chotu 'My Choices Foundation', The Times of India 'Naaka Mukka' and Vodafone 'Irrfan'.

From the inception of creating award-winning documentaries to the ongoing success in producing top-tier TV commercials, Vikram remains dedicated to expanding creative horizons. He continues to innovate by delivering Original and Branded Content for clients spanning the Asia-Pacific region.

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