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Toaney Bhatia

Co-Founder of Toabh, Toaney is an experienced advertising producer for top brands in India and overseas, he identified a gap in the Indian market for a well-organized and professional talent management company.

While on a shoot in Cape Town, he realized the need for TOABH and set out to establish it. His aim was to create a talent agency that would match international standards and be the most competent in India, representing actors, directors, and more than 500 fashion models, hair specialists, and professional makeup artists, both domestically and globally.

With a strong hold on the agency's overall management, he sees tremendous potential in the Indian industry, as major international brands are investing in the country. The increasing presence of media service providers in India has opened up more opportunities for talent, and with his unwavering determination, TOABH has emerged as one of the top talent agencies in India. Moving forward, he plans to introduce more unique services to his brand that will benefit both talent and clients.


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