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Thomas Simon

Thomas, originally from France, spent his formative years on Reunion Island, where his focus was primarily on building a professional surfing career. However, due to multiple injuries, he redirected his passion towards his second love—movies.

Following an uneven period in film school, Thomas embarked on his journey as a commercial cinematographer and director, operating out of Dubai. His client portfolio encompassed a diverse range, including luxury real estate companies, as well as renowned brands such as Jaguar, Ford, and Apple.

In 2018, Thomas made the move to Los Angeles, where he has since collaborated with some of the most prominent global brands, including Louis Vuitton, Nike, Delta Airlines, Estee Lauder, and Rivian, among others. His expertise spans various sectors, from fashion, sports, and automotive, to beauty brands. Thomas strives to produce work of exceptional quality that transcends specific genres. With his versatility as a writer, director, and cinematographer, he possesses a unique ability to think beyond conventional boundaries and uncover the essence that ignites his curiosity in every project he undertakes.

Recently, Thomas achieved significant recognition for his short film titled "Bowlhead," which premiered at the prestigious Hollyshorts festival—an Academy Award qualifier—and earned him the Best Director Award at the Knoxville Horror Fest, among other accolades. Alongside his pursuit of commercial endeavors, he is currently engaged in the development of several feature film projects.

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