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Stephen Lewis

Based in New York

Stephen Lewis is a renowned photographer recognized for his meticulous still life compositions that capture the essential and alluring qualities of various subjects. His extensive experience and lifelong passion for objects and observation shape his unique artistic approach. Lewis employs a range of techniques to portray diverse subjects, spanning from luxury consumer products to everyday items that shape our daily lives.

For over two decades, Lewis has operated his studio in Tribeca and later relocated to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Originally from Washington, D.C., he pursued his photography education at Syracuse University. After completing his studies, Lewis moved to New York City, where he worked at the influential Light Gallery and gained valuable experience as a photography assistant before establishing his own successful professional career.

Recently, Lewis embarked on a global journey alongside editor and writer Matt Hranek, capturing 100 iconic timepieces. The culmination of their collaboration resulted in the publication of the book "A Man & His Watch," released by Artisan. Lewis's expertise extends to editorial assignments for various esteemed magazines, including Numéro, T, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue, W, On the Rocks, and Bon Appétit. Furthermore, he has produced advertising campaigns for renowned brands such as Bulgari, Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, David Yurman, and Ralph Lauren.

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