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Spencer MacDonald

Based in Berlin

Spencer, a director originally hailing from New York City, grew up in San Francisco and is currently based in Berlin. With thirty years of life experience, he has a unique background as the son of an oil painter and an architect, which has shaped his understanding of both artistic and functional aspects.

Spencer's passion for filmmaking took root during his time living alongside eighteen Buddhist nuns in the remote region of Zanskar, located in the Indian Himalayas. Amidst windowless kitchens, ancient dried-up riverbeds, and towering mountains above the treeline, he honed his skills with a point-and-shoot camera, capturing glimpses of life. Since then, Spencer has had the privilege of working on films in eleven different countries, and his work has been showcased in film festivals worldwide and featured in prominent online media labels and brands such as National Geographic, The Atlantic, and NOWNESS, Swiss Tourism and Airbnb among others.

His work has been awarded multiple Vimeo Staff Picks, including being shortlisted for their 2022 Best Of The Year.

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