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Shashank Chaturvedi

Shashanka Chaturvedi aka Bob is the Director/Co-founder and a creative driving force at Good Morning Films. With multiple national and international awards-winning production house with an experience of 18+ years.

Bob is a self taught film maker like many of the directors he admires - Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Akira Kurusawa  and Stanley Kubrick also never attended film school.

He has collaborated with some of the most exciting and prestigious brands, including Bournvita, Thums Up, Myntra, Times of India, Tata Safari, Cadbury and more.

Bob is a passionate and exceptional storyteller and he has won over 60 international awards including 2 Gold Lions at Cannes – the first by an Indian film maker.

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Here are Shashank Chaturvedi's Top Ad Picks that have inspired him through the years:


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