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Seb Edwards

Seb Edwards, a prominent commercial director on a global scale, initially embarked on his career in the film industry in front of the camera. He gained recognition as the lead actor in "Hope and Glory," a 1987 film directed by John Boorman, which received an Oscar nomination and depicted a child's adventures during the London Blitz.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Seb Edwards pursued his education in Fine Arts at the University of Leeds, where he developed a keen interest in video art. Inspired by his experiences, he naturally gravitated towards directing short films after showcasing notable installations.

In 2000, Seb made the decision to enroll in New York University's Film School but eventually returned to London to establish himself in the advertising industry. He began his advertising career by working on campaigns for renowned brands such as Sony, HSBC, Vodafone, AT&T, and COI. His outstanding work on the COI campaign earned him a Cannes Gold Lion in 2009, further solidifying his reputation.

Throughout his career, Seb has directed notable commercials for various brands, including Spotify's inaugural advertising campaign, as well as projects for Jaegermeister, Volvo, Prince's Trust, and Lacoste. His creative endeavors have been met with critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including multiple Lions and the prestigious Craft Grand Prix at Eurobest. Notably, his recent Lacoste commercial titled "Timeless" has garnered significant recognition, with wins at the D&AD Awards and British Arrows, among others.

Other brands he has worked with include Toyota, Penny, BBC, FP, Luta Clothing and Ubisoft to name just a few.

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