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Samuel Guigues

Based in Paris

Samuel Guigues, born in 1984 in Marseille, is a contemporary photographer whose work is deeply influenced by classical paintings and cinema. Guigues' creations are meticulously crafted, reflecting his profound reflection on lighting, symbolism, and the subjects he portrays. Every aspect of his photos is carefully considered, leaving nothing to chance. Each photo is akin to a unique painting, carrying its own narrative that gains deeper meaning when viewed as part of a series.

This offers a dual interpretation for those who take the time to observe and engage with his work. With a strong connection to the stage and a keen sensitivity to lighting, Guigues consistently incorporates these elements into his various creations.

His distinctive style has garnered him regular collaborations with esteemed clients such as Le Monde, Charles, GQ, and Télérama. He has also ventured into commercial work, recently collaborating with brands including CANAL+, SNCF, Perrier, and Louis Vuitton. In addition to his photography, Guigues has explored his passion for storytelling through music videos, as well as commercial and fashion campaigns. Currently based in Paris, he continues to produce compelling and thought-provoking visual narratives.

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