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Sabanayagam Veerasekaran

Based in Amsterdam

A seasoned VFX Supervisor with an extensive 15 years of experience in the Live Action Visual Effects field. His expertise encompasses a proficient knowledge of various cutting-edge tools, including Nuke, Photoshop, and Maya, among others. Throughout his illustrious career, Saba has made significant contributions to renowned studios such as Sony Pictures ImageWorks and MPC. With an impressive portfolio, he has successfully worked on over 25 movies and more than 50 commercials, earning accolades for his exceptional work.

Currently holding the position of VFX Supervisor at The Mill Amsterdam, Saba's journey in advertising began in 2015 at The Mill/MPC Bangalore. During this time, he actively participated in creating numerous award-winning commercials, demonstrating his outstanding skills in the industry. Working closely with teams in Amsterdam, London, and Paris studios, Saba has led various projects and displayed his versatility in handling diverse and challenging creative jobs.

Prior to his tenure at The Mill, Saba spent approximately 8 years at Sony ImageWorks, where he had the privilege of contributing to numerous Hollywood movies. His notable works include projects such as H&M's 'Move,' Lego's 'Holiday,' Jeep's 'Bird,' Netflix's 'Into the Night,' Burberry's 'Open Spaces,' and several remarkable Heineken commercials.

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