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Rob Chiu

Based in the UK

Rob Chiu is a London-based filmmaker whose subtle visual style infuses everything he shoots. His work is characterized by a strong photographic quality with close attention to composition, typography and editing.

Everything Rob films bears the stamp of his subtle art direction. Arresting visuals, precisely framed shots and careful lighting give a surreal cinematic beauty to all of Rob’s films. Throw in his sober yet powerful visual narratives, painstakingly composed and poetic, plus his emphasis on sound design to create atmospheric moods, and the otherwise ordinary subject matter of his films is endowed with an exceptional nature.

Impeccably crafted, his commercials are confident and assured, often displaying a keen ear for innovative sound design on top of pure, atmospheric drama. His commercial work includes films for Porsche, McLaren, Lexus, Peugeot, Audi, Nike, Toyota and The French Marines.

His recent foray into music promos has already seen him working with renowned producer Jon Hopkins and film composer Craig Armstrong while his continuing personal work has moved into longer form film- making with the ‘Division of Gravity’, a beautifully shot study of love and despair within a relationship. Rob has also turned his technical skills to digital formats with most notably the Philips ‘Obsessed with Sound’ project for Tribal DDB Amsterdam. This unique interactive experience used sound, film & data visualization to let the viewer single out individual orchestra musicians playing a specially composed track. The film picked up Gold at Cannes Cyber Lions, a Yellow pencil at D&AD & Gold at The One Show among others.

Rob is represented worldwide for commercial work by the Iconoclast network.

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