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Rob Bessette

Based in Boston, Massachusetts

As a Colourist, Rob utilises his skills to alter the colour of images displayed on screen, effectively enhancing storytelling. His primary responsibility involves evoking emotions, eliciting subconscious feelings, and rectifying any occasional mistakes that may arise.

The main objective is to deliver each project with utmost expertise, thereby expanding the client's creative horizons. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Rob collaborates with clients from diverse locations across the globe. As the owner and Senior Colourist at Colour Refinery, he boasts 17 years of valuable experience in this field.

Rob embraces the camaraderie that naturally develops between the artist and the client while working together in the colour suite to perfect the image and craft a captivating narrative. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the story is portrayed with the utmost accuracy and impact through the thoughtful use of colour.

Bose, Reebok, Under Armour, IKEA, Therabody, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Toyota and Super Bowl are some of the brands Rob has worked with.

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