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Riff Raff Films

Based in London

Riff Raff, an award-winning production company based in London, was founded by Matthew Fone, a highly respected figure in the industry. Known for its strong focus on ideas, Riff Raff carefully selects directors who possess exceptional talent for conceptualizing compelling concepts. The company boasts an impressive roster of 11 directors, including esteemed names like Megaforce, Francois Rousselet, The Sacred Egg, David Wilson, and Finn Keenan.

Throughout its five-year journey, Riff Raff has achieved remarkable success, receiving prestigious accolades such as Gold and Silver Lions at Cannes, Gold and Silver Arrows at the British Crafts Awards, D&AD yellow pencils, Shots awards, and recognition for its outstanding music videos. In fact, Riff Raff was shortlisted for the esteemed title of SHOTS Production Company of the Year in 2015.

The years following, Riff Raff showed tremendous growth, as they produced notable projects like the Wes Anderson-directed H&M campaign and Francois Rousselet's directorial debut for The Rolling Stones' new album. The company also collaborated with renowned agencies such as W&K Amsterdam, AMV, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Mother London, while undertaking a global print and commercial shoot for Uniqlo, commissioned directly by the client. Moreover, Riff Raff maintains a fruitful creative relationship with The Directors Bureau, an American company established by Roman Coppola, which shares a similar focus on ideas. Within the UK marketplace, Riff Raff represents esteemed directors such as Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Melodie McDaniel, and Roman.

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