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Based in Germany

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Berlin, REKORDER is a renowned and globally recognized production company specializing in film and photography. Over the course of more than 20 years, they have collaborated with top international brands, agencies, and distinguished directors and photographers.

They are known for developing comprehensive strategies and delivering full-service production solutions for a wide range of projects, including commercials, online videos, music videos, and short- and feature-length films tailored for the digital landscape. A noteworthy achievement is Rekorder's TISAX Assessment Level 3 certification, which attests to their commitment to the highest standards of data security for safe film and photo productions.

The production company boasts an impressive lineup of directors, including Andreas Nilsson, BRTHR, Rodrigo Saavedra, Rohan Blair-Mangat, Biceps, and Rodrigo Saavedra, among others. Their diverse portfolio showcases collaborations with prominent brands such as BMW, ZARA, KFC, Nike, Snapchat, Reebok, Porsche, and Apple, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional film and photography projects.

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