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Reema Sengupta

Based in Mumbai

Co-founder of the production house CATNIP, Reema Sengupta’s romance with filmmaking began when she was very young.

While most children went on family vacations, Reema utilised her summer breaks immersed in screenwriting and direction workshops.

From films and music videos to commercials and video installations, she has tried her hand at everything. Her latest short, Counterfeit Kunkoo, is being screened at the ongoing Sundance Film Festival 2018.

One of CATNIP’s passion projects and Reema’s first character-based narratives, Counterfeit Kunkoo is an exploration of social issues that plague the daily life of the common man and woman. A 15 minute long film starring Kani Kusrati and Vijay Varma, it is the story of Smita—a middle-class woman trying to find shelter in a city that houses millions. Smita, who has recently found her way out of an abusive marriage, is unable to rent an apartment because of her sans-husband status.

From bagging 16 awards for her first short film at the age of 21 to sharing creative platforms with several award winning personalities at a very young age, we speak to Reema about her filmmaking journey so far and what this international recognition means to her.

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