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Prakash Varma

Based in Bangalore

Director and Co-founder of Nirvana Films, Prakash Varma is best known for his iconic Vodafone commercials featuring the Zoozoos, Incredible India, Cadbury, Indian Railways & more.

Prakash, a keen observer of people and their quirks, thrives on a good challenge and delights in hearing a script narrated to him rather than reading it himself.

He meticulously observes gestures, eye dilation, and voice inflections, immersing himself in the narrative and imagining various scenarios.

He excels in simple storytelling and collaborates closely with actors to bring nuances to life, extracting authentic performances. Despite his belief in "talk less and do more," Prakash eloquently communicates his vision through his films.

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Here are Prakash Varma's Top Ad Picks that have inspired him through the years:


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