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Prakash Varma

Based in Bangalore

Founder of Nirvana Films, director Prakash Varma is best known for his iconic Vodafone commercials featuring the Zoozoos, Incredible India, Cadbury, Indian Railways & more.

He is a keen observer of people and their quirks. Varma is excited by a good challenge and becomes childlike when something excites him.

He loves to hear a script narrated to him as opposed to him reading it by himself. He is keenly observing gestures of the hand, dilation of the eyes and listening to inflections in the voice as he soaks it all in and and starts to imagine scenarios.

Simple storytelling and working with actors to extract Performances and bring nuances alive keeps him restless and sleepless. For someone who believes in talk less and do more, he speaks eloquently through his films.

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Here are Prakash Varma's Top Ad Picks that have inspired him through the years:

  1. Apple – 1984 – Macintosh Launch Commercial – Super Bowl XVIII – 4K Remaster

  2. Happydent - City Light

  3. Apple HomePod — Welcome Home

  4. Lacoste - Timeless

  5. MINI - The Faith of a Few

  6. Argentina Airlines - Shadow

  7. Peugeot 206 Ad

  8. Carlton Draught - Big Ad

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