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Peter Kaaden

Based in Berlin

Peter Kaaden is a German photographer and director hailing from Essen. After relocating to New York City in 2011 to work alongside Ryan McGinley, Peter now divides his time between Paris and Berlin.

Throughout his career, Kaaden has collaborated with esteemed clients and publications, including Gucci, Chanel, Levi's, Zeit Magazin, Rolling Stone, Dior, Converse, Dazed and Confused Magazine, Vogue, Numero, Wonderland, and Armani. In 2014, he held a solo exhibition titled "Absolut Kaaden" at Absolut Art, following his solo exhibitions "Gold & Silber" at HAS Berlin in 2013 and "Peter Kaaden VS. Martin Petersen #2" at Island Hamburg in the same year.

His artistic endeavors also include a collaborative exhibition called "Yonder" at Kunsthalle Potsdam in 2016, featuring works by Miron Zownir, Boris Becker, Marina Richter, and Rainer Sioda. Additionally, Kaaden has showcased his talent through solo exhibitions such as "NAAKED" at StudioLo Berlin in 2016 and "Absolut Art" in the same year. Peter Kaaden has also published books, including "GOLD & SILBER" in 2013, published by PogoBooks, and "Mittelkinder" in 2012, also published by PogoBooks.


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