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Peter Funch

Based in Paris

Peter Funch is a photographer currently based in Paris, France, with a background of 13 years living and working in New York. He graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1999, specializing in Photojournalism. Known for his cinematic style, Funch combines social commentary with his photography, creating compelling narratives in both still and motion work.

Funch's body of work encompasses exhibitions, books, and collaborations with editorial and advertising clients worldwide. His photographs exhibit technical perfection infused with a touch of Nordic calmness and dry humor. He has worked with renowned international clients such as Sony, HSBC, and the Whitney Museum.

Notable exhibitions featuring Funch's work include "42nd And Vanderbilt" at Vevey, Switzerland (2020), "Street, Life, Photography" at Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland (2020) and "A History of Photography: Daguerreotype to Digital" at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, United Kingdom (2018). In 2018, Funch was honored with The Art, Design and Architecture Award of the Year by the Dir. Einar Hansen and wife Vera Hansen Foundation for his work "42nd and Vanderbilt." His photographs are currently exhibited at prestigious institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the National Museum of Photography in Copenhagen, and Reinbeckhallen in Berlin.

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