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Nishant Jadhwani

In January 2019, Nishant founded Adore with a vision of empowering the youth. The idea was first sparked during his college years, and it continued to inspire him. In pursuit of his goal, he worked as a casting assistant for three years, contributing to films like Rock On 2, Dear Dad, and several commercials.

Nishant's passion for movies has been present since his high school days, and he knew he wanted to work in the entertainment industry. Despite training in acting under Jeff Goldberg, he chose to create opportunities for others rather than pursuing an acting career. As a result, he founded Adore Models, a personalized and curated modeling agency that provides deserving individuals with the chance to achieve their aspirations.

Nishant firmly believes in hard work and being passionate about every aspect of his work. He manages all aspects of the business, including talent acquisition, content production, photo shoots, marketing, and planning the company's future.


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