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Morten Søgaard

Based in Denmark

Morten Sogaard has been working full-time in his recording studio since 2015.With a versatile skill set encompassing music composition, scoring, production, and sound design, he collaborates on film projects, exhibitions, and album creations.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with a diverse range of talented artists, including Shy Shy Shy, Astrid Cordes, Camelo, Favor, Fallulah, Billie Van (No), Maskinvåd, Kill Screen Music, Marianne Søgaard, Luster, and more.

In addition to working with artists, he has contributed in creating music, sound identities, and sound designs for notable brands and organizations such as Volkswagen, Finn-Air, McDonald's, Mazda, LEGO, Securitas,, and Roskilde Festival. His collaborations with Stereo Royal have resulted in dedicated score albums, and he is represented by Silverdrum.

Over the past decade, he has devoted considerable time to recording, producing, and releasing his own music through his bands Masasolo, Ufornia, and Vampire Blow. With three solo albums released in 2016, 2017, and 2019, he has successfully toured across Europe and enjoyed consistent airplay on P6-beat.He has also contributed his musical talents to various projects, including collaborations with artists like Masasolo, Vampire Blow, Ufornia, films like The Game - Andreas Haubjerg, and commercials like Mazda - Reasons To Drive, LEGO DeLorean Time Machine, McDonald’s - Tokyo Teriyaki, Roskilde Festival - Klub Rå, Clean up your waste - Roskilde Festival, among others.

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