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Merel Hart

Based in Belgium

Born in France in 1971 to Dutch parents, Merel Hart developed an early interest in the arts, spending countless hours engaged in drawing and painting during her childhood. Although her passion for photography emerged later, she initially pursued studies in Political Science and English at the University of Nanterre in Paris, while working in the publishing industry.

Over the past fifteen years, Merel Hart has established collaborations with a diverse range of clients, encompassing both editorial and commercial projects. Concurrently, she has embarked on a personal exploration of youth, a theme that holds great significance to her. Her evocative and heartfelt photography on this subject has been exhibited not only in Belgium but also internationally.

Merel Hart's tender and honest approach to photography centers around capturing people and their emotions. With a deep fascination for human behavior, she keenly observes the way individuals speak, dress, and express or conceal their innermost feelings.

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