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Mauro Chiarello

Mauro Chiarello is among some of the most revered cinematograohers in the global advertising industry. He has worked extensively with multiple-awards winning director Ian Pons Jewell for multinational brands like Oculus, Apple, Montblan, BOSE and Instacart among others.

He is also known for his cinematography in projects like

1. Atlantide (2021),

2. Coldplay: Trouble in Town (2020) and

3. The Chemical Brothers: We've Got to Try (2019)

Among his clientele are also prestigious brands like Burberry, Gucci, Amazon, Gojek, Diesel, Playstation, Nike, Vogue, Hennessy and Balenciaga.

Currently, he is a Director of Photography at Riff Raff Films, Milan.

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