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M Booth

Based in San Francisco & New York

M Booth, an agency with 40 years of entrepreneurial roots, is built on a foundation of people-first culture, creativity, and innovation. Their forward-looking approach emphasises the power of boldness in making a lasting impact and driving change. From culture to creative, boldness permeates every aspect of their work.

As a creative agency, M Booth is recognised for their award-winning campaigns that not only change perceptions among key stakeholders but also influence consumer behaviour. With a mindset of making shifts happen, they are committed to contributing to a more equitable world.

M Booth's excellence has been acknowledged by the industry, earning them prestigious accolades such as PRovoke Creative Agency of the Year 2023, Campaign Best Agency 2023, and consistent recognition as a Best Place to Work by AdWeek, PRWeek, and PRovoke. Noteworthy collaborations include 'That's Good Work' with Pharmavite, 'Slurpee in Space' with 7-Eleven, 'Mask up or pack up' with Penn State, and 'Forest of Hope' with Tourism New Zealand, among others.

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