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Lars Erik Hansen

Based in Oslo

Lars Erik Hansen began his career as a multimedia generalist at TIBE, a prominent advertising company in Norway. After dedicating nearly 2 years to the company, he made a significant decision to pursue a specialization in 3D production. To achieve this, Lars completed the 3D Design course at Idefagskolen, which served as a stepping stone for his future endeavors.

Joining forces with Gimpville, one of Norway's leading VFX companies, Lars assumed the role of a 3D generalist and took on responsibilities as a project manager. Through his tenure at Gimpville, he became an integral part of numerous VFX-heavy feature projects in Norway, notably contributing to renowned films such as "Kon-Tiki," "Max Manus," "Trollhunter," "Headhunters," "The Wave," "The 12th Man," and "The Quake" since 2008.

Lars Erik Hansen has developed a reputation for his remarkable abilities in initiating, supervising, and managing large-scale projects. In the spring of 2011, he undertook a freelance role at Nordisk Film Production, where he served as a VFX consultant and supervisor during the pre-production phase of "Kon-Tiki." In this capacity, he demonstrated his expertise in meticulously planning and budgeting the VFX aspects of what was to become the most complex show ever produced in Norway up to that date.

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