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La Dulce Liberal

Based in Argentina

La Dulce Liberal is a director duo consisting of MARTINA Galli Agulla and OLIVIA Sanchez Ruival. Originally from the countryside of Argentina, they relocated to Buenos Aires to pursue their filmmaking careers. Their journey began with a strong commitment to each project they take on together. With limited resources but boundless passion, they immersed themselves in the art of directing, driven by a need for self-expression.

Martina and Olivia's collective vision revolves around the profound impact of sound and imagery. Their aim is to capture and convey emotions that are difficult to articulate, evoking unexplained stimuli in their audience. Working as a duo, they collaborate closely, supported by Florencia, who oversees production aspects. They believe in portraying truth through the intricate details of each story, embracing sensitivity and raw beauty.

La Dulce Liberal's ultimate goal is to inspire others and evoke genuine emotional responses. They firmly believe in the transformative power of storytelling, dedicating themselves to spreading authenticity and emotional depth in every project they undertake.

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