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Kristof Brandl

Based in Montreal, Canada

After the success of his debut short-film, 'Pop Le Cheval,' Kristof Brandl delved into the world of cinematography at the remarkable age of 17. His directorial talents paved the way for numerous captivating projects across the globe, solidifying his status as a distinctive Montreal artist. Kristof's music videos and short films boast powerful and visually striking imagery, often drawing inspiration from foreign landscapes, as evident in Jason Bajada's 'Armée de Montgolfières,' which was shot on location in China.

Kristof has 5 Vimeo Staff Picks credited to his name. Among the brands and artists he has worked with are Rimowa, Adidas Originals, Nike, Zedd, Skrillex and Bibi Zhou.

Represented by Cosmic Talent in Europe & Represented by Artistry in the USA.

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