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Kristian Zarins

Based in Greater Stockholm

Kristian studied at Nackademin in Stockholm and joined the VFX company Milford after graduating in 2002. He continued to study design at night school at Berghs School of Communication and after five years he joined the company Thelma & Louise where he worked with Motion Graphics and 3D for channel IDs, commercials and vignettes.

But Kristian wanted to see the world and moved to Shanghai where he worked for two years before returning to Stockholm and a job at Bläck Studios – one of the studios that merged to become Goodbye Kansas.

His first project was the multi-awarded commercials project “Nike: your year, directed by Nike+”. He went on to work at “Kung Fury”, “League of Gods” and “Biomutant”, but his proudest moments (so far) was to be Light Lead on the “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” trailers “Grant” and “Heather”, as well as “Mutant Year Zero” and “Cyberpunk 2077”. He loves to use lighting to create a mood and style while bringing the characters and environments to life, and the success of these trailers is a true testament to his great skills as Lighting artist.

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