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Khalil Bachooali

Khalil Bachooali is the Founder and Executive Producer of Offroad Films, a multiple national as well as international awards-winning production house.

Originally from Mumbai, he spent his formative years in the Middle East before pursuing his undergraduate studies in India and Europe.

He has since worked in multiple locations including Doha, Singapore, Rotterdam, Prague, and Mumbai, providing him with a wealth of international exposure.

With a background in marketing and advertising, Khalil has honed his skills through a variety of experiences, including a brief tenure at Johnson & Johnson's European office. He eventually ventured into the world of advertising in India, where he successfully produced over 400 commercials in just five years. In 2011, he founded his own production company, Offroad Films.

Among his notable work is Vicks 'One in a Million', that has won 15+ international awards.

He has worked with global brands like Facebook, Vicks, Unilever, AirBnB, Head & Shoulders and BYJU's among countless others.

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