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Keroscene Films

Based in Mumbai

Founded in 2000, Keroscene Films is an ad filmmaking company comprising a team of talented and dedicated professionals. Having been in the business for over two decades, they now have the experience and expertise needed to create effective and memorable ads.

They have won many awards in their professional career, the most notable being the Cannes Lions Gold 2017, the One Show Gold 2017 and the Gold ACEF 2019.

Notable brand work includes Reliance 'Rang Barse', J. Hampstead ft. Hrithik Roshan, IPL 'Jumping Japang Jumpak Jumpak', Dettol 'Sheron ke Panje' and Snickers 'Drama King' ft. MS Dhoni,

Director: Rajesh Saathi

Producer: Harish Nambiar

Executive Producer: Ankita Malhotra

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