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Justyna Obasi

Based in Berlin, Nigeria

Justyna is a visually driven artist who possesses a keen curiosity about the world and its subjects. Trained as a visual artist, she skillfully employs colors, textures, and formats to serve the purpose of storytelling. Growing up in various countries and environments with Polish and Nigerian parents has honed her ability to discover moments of genuine beauty in unexpected places.

Although she received training in directing actors at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield, Justyna finds joy in capturing real people on camera, embracing their authentic and unfiltered emotions. Her intuitive and fearless approach to filmmaking has led her to direct award-winning campaigns for esteemed clients like Meta, Google, and Adidas.

One of her notable achievements includes co-directing the Facebook film "Skate Nation Ghana," which garnered international recognition and received numerous awards, including five D&AD pencils, a British Arrow, a gold Clio, a Grand Prix at CICLOPE Africa, a Silver Lion at Cannes, and four top honors at AICP. This remarkable accomplishment led to the film being permanently archived in the Museum of Modern Art as the Best Advertising Campaign of 2022.

Justyna divides her time between the vibrant cities of Berlin and Lagos

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