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Justine Ponthieux

Justine Ponthieux, a talented French set designer, embarked on a dual journey in fine arts, studying at beaux-arts de Paris in France and ACCD in Los Angeles. During her studies, she explored various artistic fields, from sculpture techniques, modeling, carving, and casting, to drawing and paintings. Driven by her passion for decorative art and a wide range of skills, Justine found her calling in set design. Her unique approach to set design is rooted in iconographic research and constant innovation, honed through dedicated studio time.

Beyond her set design endeavors, Justine Ponthieux continues to develop an impressive body of work in drawings, sculpture, and paintings. Her artistic expressions are showcased in various galleries, with recent exhibitions at Galerie Mansart in 2021 and High art in Paris in 2020.

In her career, she collaborates with prominent photographers such as Julien Martinez Leclerc, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Johnny Dufort, Thomas Cristiani, Matthew Tammaro, Gabriel Moses, Thibaut Grevet, Arnaud Lajeunie, Elizaveta Porodina, Camille Vivier, Ethan James Green, and Michael Hauptman. Justine's diverse and creative portfolio reflects her dedication to both set design and her personal artistic pursuits.

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