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JP Garcia

Based in London

J.P. Garcia is a skilled cinematographer who is currently based in London and proudly holds membership in the esteemed Brazilian Society of Cinematographers A.B.C.

From a young age, J.P. has had a natural inclination for visually narrating stories. After completing his university education, he delved into the advertising industry in Brazil, working as an Art Director for some of the country's top advertising agencies. Seeking to enhance his expertise, he pursued extensive training in both New York and London, which ultimately paved the way for his remarkable career in cinematography.

Notably, J.P.'s exceptional talent was recognized when his work for Jägermeister earned him a prestigious gold award at the British Arrows, following a prior Bronze win at the El Ojo competition.

In the realm of fiction, his cinematography skills were acknowledged by the ABC as his works "Chapeu de Bico" and "Thursday Night" received consecutive nominations for Best Cinematography on a Short Film for two years.

Adding to his list of achievements, "Thursday Night," directed by Portuguese filmmaker Gonçalo Almeida, has garnered significant acclaim, securing a nomination at the esteemed Sundance Film Festival, a testament to J.P. Garcia's exceptional abilities in visual storytelling.

In his commercial career, Garcia has worked on projects and brands like EA Sports Fifa 2023, Nike x Ted Lasso, HBO x Champions League, Kia and Netflix among others.

J. P. is represented by WPA in the USA and the UK.

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