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JP Bonino

JP Bonino, a native of Montevideo, Uruguay, developed his passion for photography by capturing punk rock shows. Guided by his father, a former photographer, JP honed his skills in handling light and gained a unique perspective that allows him to capture fleeting moments often overlooked by the naked eye.

The creative range of JP Bonino is vast and diverse. As a skateboarder, he travels the globe in search of captivating snapshots. He also immerses himself in fashion photography, collaborating with renowned brands and shooting campaigns for Lee, Levis, Lacoste, Dickies, Paloma Wool, among others. His work has been featured in notable publications such as Tank, It's Nice That, i-D, À Part, and Office NY.

With a presence in various galleries across cities like Buenos Aires, London, Paris, and Barcelona—his current place of residence—JP's work delves into a realm of intense and at times contradictory emotions. His photographs encapsulate everyday situations infused with a subtle theatricality, revealing the force of repetition in our lives.

JP Bonino's perceptiveness and versatility have led him to work with esteemed clients such as Nike, Dropbox, Coca-Cola, Vice, and Converse.

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