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Jonas Lindstroem

Jonas, born in Germany, discovered his passion for photography as a teenager while capturing moments of his friends' skateboarding adventures. After assisting a fashion photographer and studying visual communication at the University of Arts in Berlin, with a year of study at the London College of Communication, Jonas developed a distinctive style characterized by its expressive, experimental, minimal, and often conceptual approach. This unique style quickly caught the attention of renowned brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Moet, YSL, Lacoste, Burberry, and Armani, who commissioned him for various projects.

Continuously evolving as an artist, Jonas has expanded his creative scope to include directing seminal music videos for artists like Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem, while also pursuing personal projects in film and photography. His talent and versatility have earned him international recognition as one of the industry's most intriguing young photographers and directors.

Splitting his time between Paris and Berlin, Jonas is globally represented by Iconoclast for film. Despite starting his professional career shortly after completing his studies in Berlin, he has already amassed an impressive portfolio working with notable clients such as Hermès, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Uniqlo, and Adidas. Lindstroem's aesthetic, characterized by its conceptual and minimalistic qualities, permeates all of his work, which has extended beyond fashion shoots to encompass music videos and films.

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