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John Fredrick Peter Mayne

Based in Mumbai

It would be only fair to call John Fredrick Peter Mayne a painter of the digital canvas. Like an artist, John meticulously fills his frames with picture perfect, soulful and stunning visuals.

He is aided by his sound knowledge of cinematography which helps him explore newer and fresher styles of film making. Jewellery, sports, fashion and lifestyle films are his forte and once in a while, he also dabbles in some emotional storytelling.

He has travelled extensively throughout the country and has an astute sense of beautiful landscapes. No wonder, he uses this natural beauty as a backdrop to make some beautiful films. He makes films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English and has a well rounded knowledge of the South Indian culture, which adds character to his visual storytelling.

With an immense knowledge in filmmaking, each of John Fredrick's projects is distinct in its approach. He is known for his commercials for Beardo featuring Hrithik Roshan, Skechers featuring Kriti Sanon and BoAt featuring Kiara Advani. He has also worked for brands like JBL, Airbnb and Mercedes Benz.

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