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Joel Egan

Joel Egan, an Australian-based freelance DP, Cinematographer, and Filmmaker, has deep roots in his hometown of Phillip Island.

Joel is recognized for his passionate dedication to filmmaking, his strong visual acumen, and his multifaceted hands-on skill set that covers the entire filmmaking process. His reputation is built on his proficiency in realizing high-concept ideas and campaigns that enhance the quality of the work he engages in.

Joel finds inspiration in pushing the boundaries of what's achievable, collaborating with others to create shared experiences, and delving into narrative-driven projects through his expertise in cinematography and camera operation.

Those who have worked with Joel, including clients, friends, and family, describe him as a passionate and professional individual. He is known for being a team player, possessing a great sense of humor, upholding honesty, and being a genuinely pleasant person to work with.

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