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Jim Fenwick

Based in London

Jim had a unique upbringing, growing up in various countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Italy. His parents, who navigated war zones with apparent ease, exposed him to a multitude of dangers. Despite the challenging circumstances, Jim recalls his parents' calm and relaxed approach. He fondly remembers a particular incident when his father gave him a chick to play with, even though there were men with guns running around the house. It was later revealed that this occurred during the fall of Kampala. At the time, Jim's primary concern was the promise of flying in a small propeller plane the following day.

However, Jim's return to England, specifically to Basingstoke, was considerably less eventful. Gone were the curfews and armed guards on the school bus. Consequently, he immersed himself in art and began painting airplanes and boxers. Eventually, Jim's artistic journey led him to the Winchester School of Art, where he transitioned from painting to photography. He found the speed and immediacy of this new medium to be particularly appealing, ultimately specializing in Fine Art Photography at Bournemouth.

Jim's photographic work centers around people and communities, as he seeks to explore universal human connections. He often delves into the lives of individuals facing challenging circumstances. It is within these difficult contexts that Jim searches for hope and glimpses of joy amidst the shadows.

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